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Hi Guys!

I know we have been quiet here at Active7 for the past month or so. Some have asked why in the world we didn't do a christmas special, and i've got the perfect answer. I recognize that times feel very uneasy and uncertain for many people right now. Life was never easy before 2020, and its starting to look like 2021 is her twin. But enough of the doom and gloom. I have been in the lab creating products to get us through all these stressful times.

Stress itself has the ability to single handedly throw the body into a state of constant inflammation through the release of cortisol and other compounds that act against homeostatic properties by over-activating the immune system. This creates constant mental and physical imbalance. 3 years ago, our flagship product (and still a top seller) was "Noah's Blend". It was a full spectrum, 300mg product with high bioavailability that changed my family, as well as many other families lives. It set us on an unbelievable path that gave us a platform to create and help hundreds of thousands of people; and I am so thankful for that. I mention this product because I want to outline just how potent and far we have come in such a short time. Our most recent batch of Max Plus 3000 came back with 300mg per bottle of RARE whole plant cannabinoids ALONE!! That's a Noah's Blend worth of rare cannabinoids!  (CBG,CBC,CBN,CBDV) 

This type of minor cannabinoid content is unheard of in the industry right now. At the end of this blog, Im going to give you guys a huge discount on this and new extremely exciting products. So guys, if ever you've been wanting to try a high potency oil or a new delta 8 product, or you have a friend/family member that you know would benefit from these products, now is the time! But first i want to tell you about some new very exciting products.

Ok, so I mentioned the 3000mg above that has been a life changing product for so so many. A couple of weeks before Christmas, with all the stress going on in the world, I decided it was time to truly put the "petal to the metal" and really push the boundaries of where we can take these oils.

I present to everyone "THE 6000". As unique as the 3000mg was in the industry, THE 6000mg is an absolute unicorn. Without sacrificing any absorption or flavor whatsoever , we have crammed a whopping 200mg of CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN, CBDV, into one serving

** Before I go any further, let me clarify all of these acronyms of cannabinoids by saying you don't have to know all of them, or what they specifically target. If you want to do the research you absolutely can, but just know that all of these cannabinoids work together with terpenes to create a true whole plant oil that maximizes the entourage effect. They work with your body's own indogenous cannabinoid system to align the system and maximize health.

So back to the 6000! This product has a  myrcene, pine, and citrus profile due to the concentration of the extract. With 200mgs per serving, and loaded with anti inflammatory cannabinoids and terpenes, we are so excited to bring you this product at only $119.99! This is an unmatched product in the marketplace currently, so take advantage of this big sale and get it at an incredible one time price of $60. We won't put it on this big if a sale again, so take advantage!!

*Lovers of the 3000, you can half your dosage and make this oil last twice as long to save BIG!

Fresh Vibes in Greenville (Both Locations) now carry the new 6000mg and very well priced if you don't want to wait for shipping, many more locations in the upcoming days

New Product #2

Now, one of, if not the top selling wholesale product that we make outside of our oils is our Delta 8 Cartridges. They have started to gain an occult like following for thier ability to provide a legal recreational use element unlike anything we have thus far in the south. There are many brands now popping up, but none have been reported as clean or effective as ours. On average our distillate carts are 75-85% Delta8 THC (100% from organic hemp)  and provides a  slightly less potent and much more enjoyable result than its cousin, Delta 9 THC from marijuana. Loads of anecdotal feedback is pouring in from our retailers and people are in love with this new hot cannabinoid. To name a few:

Immediate Anxiety relief

Extreme relaxation


Pain relief

Insomnia relief

Relief from nausea

Until this point we have had a Sativa strain and a Hybrid strain (Girl Scout Cookie, and Jack Herer) , but now we have a straight Indica that is absolutely sure to become the new favorite as it is DELICIOUS, and oh so relaxing


Now, we have not pushed these a lot online thus far as they are all pretty new; but because they have been an absolute favorite, we really want you guys to try them and we know you will absolutely love them. We will include all 3 flavors in our sale that I will announce at the end of this blog.

*Anyone with confusion about how the pens work, it is very simple. Any "C cell" battery pen will fit these cartridges. You can order them on Amazon, or better yet and much faster, go into most gas stations , or any vape shops and tell them you need a pen for a cartridge from a CBD company, they will quickly know what to give you. They are on average $8-15. We would recommend " kind pen", and that's all you need, we mail the rest.

*You can also pick the cartridges up in town at places like E and S Hemp , and The Holistic Company to name a few top sellers.

So, this is why we have been so quiet with sales and communications ; we have been creating new groundbreaking products for you to utilize! Included in this sale will be:

- 3000mg Maximum Relief Plus

- The New 6000mg (pictured above)

- All 3 Delta8 carts ( GSC, Jack Herer, and The new Blueberry Kush)

SALE DETAILS: 5 days only!!! Only sale this month until Valentine's day

-Tuesday - Saturday January 23rd @ 11:59pm

-No code necessary , products will be listed on sale, free shipping!

-Products listed above will be 51% off,(5 days only) and if you spend $100 or more you will receive a FREE sample of a Delta 8 Cart with your purchase ($60 value)

*If you do not want a delta 8 cart as your bonus, please let us know and we will send another product!

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