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Creation During Isolation

With everything that's been going on (all things Covid) , I figured it was a great time to post some updates on what Active7 has been doing while social distancing has effectively taken over the lives of every American.

Firstly, our thoughts and prayers go out to anyone and everyone that's been affected by what's happening. Our hearts are with everyone right now thats job's, health, and sanity is being tested. I've recently been personally encouraged by many reports of Americans from every thinkable background uniting for multitudes of reasons. I'd strongly encourage as many people that read this to reach out and help a neighbor/friend in need.

We at Active7 spent the week of Easter donating easter egg hunt supplies to as many families as we could gather items for and we were able to help out many families, thanks to your ongoing support!!

I truly believe that in time, we will come out a more united people after all of the smoke clears.

With all that being said, we at Active7 have been hard at work trying to take advantage of this time for research and development of some pretty amazing new products!

As many of you know, we have started producing CBD/CBG hand sanitizers for many of our accounts, helping them create extra revenue streams as well as meeting strict guidelines about what defines a business as "essential".

These little gems are amazing, and actually hydrate your hands instead of dehydrating like many current chemical formulas. (They smell amazing too!)

We have also reformulated our already extremely popular lip balm, adding the new craze in the beauty industry (hyaluronic acid) as well as organic vitamin E, and organic coconut oil. This creates a creamier, more moisturizing balm that you will feel immediately. To top it off, we more than tripled the amount of cannabinoids from 15mg to 50mg CBD/CBG.

The Lavender/ Mint lip balm was one of our first products that we released for distribution at Active7, and I've been wanting to add a second flavor for a while now, we just haven't had the time. During this period of isolation, we have been in creation mode and tomorrow, 4/20 we will release our second flavor, "Citrus Zest

Using organic terpenes (never artificial flavoring) we have created a zesty, clean and frankly delicious combination of citrus that will become your next obsession. Even with all of the added benefits, and the reformulation of new compounds, we are able to keep the price of our new lip balms at $9.99 as they have been.

We want you guys to try them, so any purchases the week of 4/20 will come with a complimentary full size lip balm of choice, just note your flavor preference in the checkout details.

The product we are most excited to bring to you, however, is something from an entirely different realm.

Many of you use our higher potency oils (Max Relief 1500mg, Max Relief Plus 3000mg) to help with a multitude of ailments from sleep and anxiety relief, to pain and inflammation. The industry is quickly changing, and everyday more people are realizing the power of cannabinoids and how it can specifically help them. Since the beginning, we have aimed to created oils that will promote general holistic wellness, and help assist in the bodies overall homeostatic properties. With that being said, our number one request for products is "something that will help me sleep", and it's by a wide margin.

We want to be at the forefront of innovation in this industry, so after months and months of research, we have created "Max Relief PM 1500mg 30ml and 750mg 15ml"

This is our first oil that is created for one purpose and one purpose only, SLEEP.

We aren't using old methods like melatonin in our oils, and frankly I wouldn't recommend that anyway, as a good CBD oil that does its job will naturally increase melatonin levels at night time (see our post on insomnia) .

Max Relief PM will posses high amounts of sleep inducing, sedative terpenes like Myrcene, Alpha-Pinene, and Limonene. What really separates Max P.M from all the other oils is its high concentration of the rare sedative cannabinoid "CBN"

Cannabinol or CBN for short, is already gaining a name for itself as a sleep aid, and anti-inflammatory magician. According to one of the largest cannabis research companies in the US, Cresco labs , CBN helps to regulate the immune system, helps relieve pain, and induces sleep and or sedation. According to another recent study by Steep hill labs (another major player in the development and research of rare cannabinoids) had this to say:


So, relaxed body sensations of 5mg of CBN are comparable to 10mg of Diazepam, or Valium,


We have formulated Max Plus PM with 300mg of CBN per bottle! That equates to 10mg of CBN, and 40mg of CBG, CBD, CBC, CBDV per serving! Take THAT insomnia!!!

This will enable you to start small and work up on your dosages if need be. And just incase your wondering, its THC FREE so all walks can utilize this powerful medicine.

How can we cram that many rare cannabinoids into one bottle and have a true THC free product you may ask? We truly don't stop researching and developing with your well being in our hearts. This amazing product will be available Wednesday 4/22 online and next weekend in stores all over NC, SC, and VA.

The Small 1/2 oz 750mg will be $59.99, and the 1oz 1500mg $129.99. We are SO EXCITED to hear your feedback on this product. We highly recommend anyone with insomnia, PTSD, restlessness, or anything related give this product serious consideration.

We hope that you guys stay tuned as we have a lot of exciting things happening this 4/20 week!

We will have a few of our traditional giveaways with our new products up for grabs so follow us on Facebook and instagram to keep up with what's happening!

In the meantime, we encourage you to take advantage of this beautiful spring weather and try and get outside in the sun. Vitamin D is one of the best things you can do for the immune system.

We planted a garden with Organic strawberries, green beans, cilantro, lettuce, tomato, cilantro, parsley, and sunflowers (see photo in title) and Noah is having so much fun with it!

Stay safe everyone, and as always, well wishes from the Active7 Fam

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1 Comment

Bruce Clements
Apr 20, 2020

Always want to keep up on new products. Amazing the results I have had!!!

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