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       Active7 Organics was born out of the desire to create and distribute premium, innovative hemp derived CBD products at industry leading prices.


In 2016 my wife and I had started a successful skincare company in Costa Rica when we were shocked to find out that our toddler, Noah had a form of epilepsy combined with scary night terrors, and was in need of immediate medical assistance. In search alternative holistic methods, we quickly discovered the efficacy and viability of premium hemp extracts.


Unfortunately, after several weeks of using one of the more popular brands now on the market, Noah's seizures began to creep back in. There was clearly an issue with product consistency/viability in the marketplace, and as a young family we felt that we were severely overpaying.


     Armed with extensive knowledge of the chemistry involved in the extraction of compounds, and the love of our little guy, we decided to take things into our own hands and we moved to Durango, Colorado. We invested in equipment, and started looking for the right farms that could provide organic cannabinoid rich plant matter.


    Researching and developing cannabis products is no cheap task and I needed money to create these products. Driving 7 days a week for Uber (mostly all night)was the answer to our capital issues. Sleep was limited, but over the course of one year, and 3,200 uber drives, we forced our dream into reality. We released our first product "Noah's Blend", a CBD oil Loaded with CBG and CBC. It was these combinations of rare cannabinoids, in congruence with specific, directed terpene profiles that put an end to Noah's issues.


This life changing product enabled our son to not only feel normal, but thrive. We immediately set out to create a premium, innovative line of products that would not only challenge industry prices, but open the eyes of the public to all of the benefits of this amazing plant both internally and topically.

We now have a full line of 25 products, and white label products for some of America's fastest growing brands; specializing in rare cannabinoids like CBN, CBG, CBC, etc.


Our Co-Founder/ President, and my wife Chelsie possesses a degree from Aveda for skin care, and this has allowed us to create premium, truly proprietary products for both topical/beauty and sublingual use.


All of our hemp is 100% Organic, legally cultivated, and is rigorously manufactured to GMP standards with state of the art equipment, cruelty free, and chemical free with a 100% non invasive, super clean solvent free extraction process; hand crafted in the coastal region of North Carolina. 


All extracts are 3rd party and tested/lab verified for purity and potency, and created with the same love and intent as that first bottle of "Noah's Blend".


Our intense focus on customer needs, proprietary extraction and product development/innovation has allowed us to stand out in a copy-cat industry.

Whatever your reason for being here today, we are so glad you came and are excited to welcome you into the Active7 Family!

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