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It is safe to say that 2020 has become the most forgettable year of many of our lives. Everyday, it seems like reality becomes more like a weird Hollywood film than the world we all grew up in. As a young parent, a lover of science and rationality, and a business owner I can say that this year has challenged me on mental and physical levels that I never thought I'd be faced with. Turning off the noise, and getting into a mode of creation during these crazy times has been a life saver for Chelsie and I mentally, as well as the rest of our company. We decided when this all started back in February, that the next 12 months would define our company's future. We could retract , and get super conservative based on "what if's " and projections; or we can get in the lab, and create products that give people hope and relief and charge this thing head on.

I'm very proud to say that as we move into the end of the last quarter of this year, Active7 Organics is stronger than I could have ever imagined. This year alone:

-We created 17 new products, widely expanded wholesale accounts across the entire country, and created a white label sector of the company that has absolutely exploded beyond our imagination.

- Purchased 41 acres out west for future distribution expansion ( more on this soon)

-We have been able to help and have a positive impact on thousands of people's well being, and we have changed some lives along the way.

- Created our most important product of the Year GABRIEL ISAAC WALLACE, who is due on Oct 19th! (Stay Tuned)

As weird, depressing, and challenging as this year has been, it has been a year of extreme growth and resilience for us, and we aren't done yet!

With BABY GABE'S impending arrival, we decided now was the perfect time to finish this crazy year strong and release a few of the remaining new products that we have been working on! As on NOW, we will start a 40% off sale to celebrate the coming of our second child that will be active until his arrival (which shouldn't be long).  Anyone who purchases during the sale will receive 40% off PLUS A SAMPLE OF ONE OF THE NEW PRODUCTS!!


New Releases:

Maximum Relief Broad Spectrum Gummies 20MG

- CBD, CBG, CBN - ZERO THC, or artificial anything 


We recognize that there are many gummies on the market to choose from. The reason we have waited until now to release gummies is because of one term. Bioavailability refers to how much of the CBD is actively absorbed into the blood stream. Many gummies on the market have extremely low bioavailability due to the way they are engineered. If you take 10mg, you're going to get generally 2 of those mgs.

You will feel the difference immediately when you use this product due to its ability to bypass the gut/ liver barrier and enter the bloodstream. Infused with our Max Plus oil blend, this product will quickly become your stress/pain relieving go-to. Also, great for kids!  Last but certainly not least, you can rest easy knowing that they are as clean as it gets with 100% Organic ingredients, colored with organic fruit juices! The Active7 Promise!

1000mg Oil 1:1 CBD/DELTA 8 THC

500mg of each

Last month we released our Delta 8 distillate carts and they have quickly become one of our top selling products. The response was so strong, and results with pain management, stress/anxiety, sleep, headaches and more have been so great that we (and by popular request)have decided to put it in an oil for those who don't vape. Not only that, the 1:1 CBD/D8 THC ratio of cannabinoids creates a feeling of extreme relaxation and stress relief, and has shown for years in research to be an extremely healing combination for a multitude of conditions. Our Delta 8 is 100% hemp derived and federally legal with the exception of a few states. This product contains ZERO Delta9 THC. It provides in our opinion a much more healing and user friendly way to activate CB1 receptors in your body. This creates an incredible full spectrum, entourage effect versus Delta9 THC from marijuana, which has shown to increase pain levels and paranoia when over-used even for medical purposes.

Other new products set for release in the next 4-6 weeks

· Immune Support Capsules with CBD, CBG, 800% Daily Value Vitamin C

· Water Soluble Nano CBD powder packets for beverages with Vitamin C


***Note at checkout whether you prefer the oil sample or the gummy***

Well Wishes


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Greetings to you Chris and Chelsie, and little baby Gabe! Although, we've never met, I hope and pray to someday. I hope to meet you so I can tell you in person how MUCH YOU HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE! I, along with other blacks, never really considered "weed" to be a drug. Maybe i'm overstating because my former roommate and best siter from another mister Bianca said that her family was heavy into the whole hippie thing and they NEVER saw weed as being bad either. Anyways, I told you that all my life i've suffered with Sickle Cell Anemia Disease, which is like Arthritis, but a much more deadly and incurable type. Since a baby my parents have dose…

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