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A Bright Future, Clean Future

As many of you know, nearly 3 1/2 years ago to date, our beautiful little boy's seizures were stopped in their tracks by a proprietary combination of rare cannabinoids that were created in a tiny lab in Durango Colorado. Never in a million years could we have ever guessed that this single product would send us on a journey to helping millions of Americans better their quality of life.

We now produce 25 different products for our brand, Active7 Organics, as well as producing countless white labels products for some of America's biggest and fastest growing brands. We are so proud of our humble beginnings and our rate of organic growth, and it is now the time to put the "petal to the metal" and push the envelope in order to change both hearts and perception on preventative care in this country.

Now more than ever through stress, lack of access to truly clean foods, poor water quality, and many other environmental factors that would require its own blog post, the human body has been forced into a state of nearly perpetual inflammation.  These extenuating issues keep me up at night, and we must shift our perception of what it means to be "healthy" in America.

For us at Active7, this starts with our ability to match our ever growing demand and to be able to get the cleanest products, with the most highly concentrated rare cannabinoid profiles to every corner of the U.S and the World. We have partnered with Cannasafe Labs in California, the #1 laboratory testing facility in the United States to ensure your products have the highest standards of purity.

We believe that the best way to match this demand is to create a one of a kind laboratory and distribution center, in a centrally located area that will enable us to efficiently pump out massive amounts of medicine, with the smallest environmental impact as possible.  With that being said, we have strategically purchased a 41 acre plot of land in the Northern Arizona Mountains that will enable us to serve our rapidly growing west coast clientele, while continuing to grow with all of you here on the East Coast. This Lab and distribution center will truly be the first of its kind in the industry. Due to this strategic location, we will be able to run this facility off of 100% renewable and clean energy, utilizing the ever abundant sun that Arizona offers, coupled with high elevation winds and multiple high yielding wind turbines.

We cannot wait to share with you the photos of the construction progress in the coming months, as we build this industry leading facility, and truly push the envelope on a zero carbon footprint approach to production. Chelsie and I want to personally thank every single one of our customers, wholesale store owners, and white label contracts that have enabled us to grow over the last 2 years, and be in this position to serve on a global scale. We will continue to push the limits of innovation, while holding firm to our commitment of industry leading affordability.


-Active7 Fam

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