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An Unlikely Start

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

We have started getting frequent questions from our rapidly growing community about our inception. Where and when did this begin.. how did we fund it.. and how did we end up making this our life mission?? name a few. This frequent blog will connect our customers to the essence of Active7 Organics, and allow us to keep you up to date on important sales, new products, industry news, and adventures of the Active7fam! Many people who use our products know that our entire purpose for getting involved with hemp and CBD was for our son, Noah, as referenced in "Our Story". What very few people know, are the true details of how it all came to be............... We were living in Costa Rica, and had started a company manufacturing and distributing organic, plant based cosmetics all over the country, which was an amazing adventure in itself. We started noticing that our little boy was having increasingly frequent seizure like tendencies. To summarize, our fears were soon validated and we decided that we had to get to a place that we could treat this naturally. We moved from Costa Rica, to Denver Colorado and immediately saw relief with a few of the newer brands that were the first to market in the CBD arena . Our personal issue with these brands were the lack of consistent results, and insanely high prices. There weren't that many companies making legitimate products yet, and that lack of competition created crazy price points naturally by lack of supply in the market. Inevitably in history, some of our greatest creations have spawned simply from absolute necessity. We obsessed, specifically with total cannabinoid profiles (not just CBD as an isolated compound); and I found myself doing 50 to 60 hours of research a week. We knew that all CBD products were not created equally. However, due to lack of general public knowledge, most all of these oils were being sold on the market under the same guise of "Hemp Oil" or "CBD OIL". These inconsistencies were then passed onto the unknowing consumer, creating a lot of confusion in the industry. I visited every cannabis shop within driving distance just trying to feel the market out, analyzing product verbiage, and asking store owners what was working, and why.We like to tell people that we didn't start a company to profit from this CBD boom. We created a manufacturing process through absolute necessity that allowed us to create a product that simply WORKED for our son and soon to be for many others. You will not find a product on the market today with more trace cannabinoids (CBG, CBC, CBDV etc.) than our product line.

Even our THC free products have broad spectrum cannabinoids, far more potent than Isolated CBD like the majority of the market currently. We knew that we had a special product, but we were BROKE. After over a year of driving uber all night (3,017 rides to be exact, and many weddings photographed by Chelsie) we invested EVERYTHING we had into the equipment and space that we needed to make this dream become a reality. On June 1st 2018, we had taken a camping trip for several nights in Breckenridge, CO just to get away and to celebrate Noah's 3rd birthday. On the second night, I got a frantic phone call from a ski buddy telling me that the biggest wildfire in the last 50 years had ignited on the mountain north of town, exactly where we lived. The next morning, I left Noah and Chelsie in Breckenridge, and rushed 5 hours back through Rockies only to return to unlivable conditions, and inevitable mandatory evacuations. This couldn't be was like a bad dream. We were finally set to embark on this incredible quest that we had struggled and clawed for, only to be left essentially homeless before we could get it off the ground. With all of our equipment in storage and our dreams on hold, we purchased an RV (pictured in title), and spent the next month or so trying to figure out where to go, and how to move forward. After spending a short time in Washington state, we saw that there was a burgeoning hemp market that was taking place back home. We felt that being on the west coast for the time that we were, although it was stressful, had given us a crystal ball and a great sense of where this industry was going. I felt that we could produce oils and products that would keep us ahead of the game on the East Coast. We formed Active7 Organics, and quickly came back home to our roots in North Carolina with the intent to create the cleanest, most innovative and potent products on the market. We were able to link up with great distribution companies like E&S Hemp company

and farmers direct. This gave us the platform we needed to reach customers quickly with our message and products.

Just within the year alone, Active7 has gone from an idea and a product, to one of the fastest growing CBD companies in the south with 30 different products including a new beauty line, and coffee line, and multiple white label contracts allowing surpass 100 retailers nearly overnight. We will continue to roll out innovative, and result driven products with the same intent as that first successful bottle of Noah's Blend. This blog will serve as a point of contact for the entire community of the Active7 Family to connect with us on this amazing journey to true healing through natural means. Well Wishes- Active7

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