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Quick Breakdown:  Trainwreck is an uplifting and euphoric Sativa strain with a spicy/funky nose and hints of lemon and pine

Pure Lab Tested THCa Diamonds, naturally extracted from federally legal hemp flower. When it comes to diamonds, purity is quality and we consistently have our diamonds testing at 99% THCa. When combined with the strain specific live resin, this creates the cleanest, purest, and most potent cannabis experience possible.

How to use THCa Diamonds

Vape/Dab: THCa diamonds can be dabbed with a rig or a bong. THCa diamonds have a vaporization temperature of 315° F (157° C), make sure your vape or rig is heated up above that to compensate for cooling. We recommend somewhere in the neighborhood of 380-400° F with a bare minimum of 325° F.

Add To Join/Bowl/Blunt: If you want to make your flower even stronger, it’s easy to add a sprinkle of diamonds on top for that extra kick. If you add it to a joint or blunt, we recommend trying to get it in the middle so the burn is more even and your joint doesn’t canoe (burn unevenly) because the diamonds will melt and become resiny and burn slower than flower alone. 

Made Edibles: It’s important to know that THCa is not bioavailable by eating it directly. First, you need to decarboxylate the diamonds. This process is when you use low temperature to heat them slowly over 20min.

Trainwreck Diamonds + Live Resin 1G

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