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Active7 Organics Bulk/White Label Concentrates and Finished Products

We (and our clients) believe that we have created the most effective line of CBD oils and topicals in the industry. The only way to differentiate your brand from the many products  that are flooding the market is to partner with a company that focuses on innovation. Our line consists of cannabinoid profiles of every kind. Never will you see single isolated compounds in our finished products. We are aware of the potency of the lesser known, but possibly even more valuable cannabinoids like CBG,CBN,CBC etc.


At Active7 , whether you want to start big with multiple products to create a line, or you just want to focus on one product; If there is a product you'd like us to make, there is a good chance we have already created a similar version of it. For this reason, we do not charge ludicrous fees for "research and development". We instead work closely with you to create custom cannabinoid and terpene profiles that are aimed towards results, and affordability for you and your customers.


Below are our current products that we offer in bulk or white label. For full pricing, contact

Processing time on the items below is 3 to 5 business days. Don't get your oils from the same 3 or 4 major producers that everyone is selling. Work 1 on 1 with us for a fraction of the price to create a unique/ better product that you can market as such!

Prices include COA's




CBD ISOLATE- From $500

CBG ISOLATE : From $1100

CBN ISOLATE : from $2250

Delta 8 92% :  From: $650

CBGA : From $2700


*all mixtures set at 50MG/ML*

CBD Isolate $300/pint or $500/liter

Broad Sprectrum CBD/CBG $375/pint or $550 per liter

Delta8 $ 370/pint or $625 a liter

Delta9 $400/pint or $720 a liter

Email us about custom white label formulations for a quick and unbeatable quote


Email to place an order

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