Whats In it?
Proprietary blend of organic, broad spectrum Hemp oil, Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Wild Salmon Oil L
	100% All Natural/Organic Flavoring
	100% Organic Colorado legally sourced hemp
	CBD Lab Tested and Certified Pure
	High in Omegas 3 and 6, THC free

Assists With
- Anxiety
- Symptoms related to hip and joint displasia 
- Restlessness 
- Increased appetite
- Healthier, thicker coat 
CBD is not just life changing for humans. Our furry friends get the same benefits as we do! This 250 MG broad spectrum tincture (CBG,CBDA) was formulated for cats and dogs, with an added organic wild salmon oil to make it irresitably delicious, and amazingly effective for overall wellness and coat restoration. For a dollar a day, take your pets wellness to new heights.  
*10 MG/ suggested serving = approxiamtely 2/3 of glass dropper*
Administer on/under tounge, or on food for best results
Furry Friends 50+ lbs take 2/3 of dropper for 10 MG serving twice daily
Furry Friends < 50 lbs take 1/2 dropper for suggested serving twice daily
- All animals are different, so start with suggested serving, then adjust-

Fido Fluids Broad Spectrum 250 MG Organic Salmon Oil