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50mg Total Cannabinoids per serving

Ease into sleep more naturally and stay asleep longer (without the pills) with Active7 Organics' newest oil. 

This non-habit forming, THC FREE organic formula was created with one goal in mind, SLEEP. 
You still get all the same benefits of our regular high potency oils from CBD & CBG, but we've added a sleep inducing terpene formulation, and a whopping 10mg of CBN (cannabinol, a mild sedative and stress reliever) per serving! 
Feel your worries and stresses leave you with this truly innovative product; get the kind of sleep your mind and body needs. 

SUGGESTED USE: Hold 1ML under tongue for as long as possible. Take 15 to 20 mins before bedtime 

**May cause drowsiness**

*Suggested use if for night time only,and the operation of heavy equipment is not advised  

*May also assist with insomnia from PTSD related symptoms

Night Time Sleep Tincture Maximum Relief P.M. 1 oz 1500mg